Bring back the American Jobs

This weekend I ran into a situation with my computer and trying to get it fixed, it was virtually impossible to get someone to understand a simple situation. No one could understand what I was saying. Here is the issue, I bought my computer in Canada, but now I am in the states and would like to get it fixed here in the states instead of taking it back to Canada. The computer company has both a Canadian and a US office. Well, it took 3 days for someone to figure out that I just wanted my computer fixed. It was hilarious at first, but I really started getting mad the second day when I saw that I was dealing with a bunch of nincompoops.

My contention is the American jobs are being taken away to other countries yet, they are still servicing Americans. The point is that millions of Americans are out of jobs and suffering without any short term goal of surviving. You really need to read this article on outsourcing of the American jobs.


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Tarp Recipients

AIG…..$40 billion

argo…..$30 billion




The scoundrels that received the tarp payout are using the money to pay their executives huge bonuses for ripping off taxes payers. These companies are not required to release the amount they payout. Someone needs to take responsibility for their actions.

The banks going nationalized will not solve the problem and that’s a terrible idea. What is needed is an independent body to monitor these banks, they have been given free reign for too long. These tarp recipients think America has the money to constantly be handing out. They of all people should know America is bankrupt.  They should save the wailing for someone who cares.



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AIG abusing bailout

AIG has gone ahead and done the dispicable, they are handing out millions of dollars in bonuses to the same executives that ran the compant in the gutters only but a few months ago.  These were the same unscruplous guys that went money crazy with AIG’s money.This is something the White House needs to investigate and severely punish, they need to be used as an example to the other companies that have the same plan to abuse the bailout funds.AIG abusing the bailout is something many American can not understand since they were  one of the ones involved in the Financial melt down. Was this money  promised  to these exs before the got the bailout? If it is then, it should nave been disclosed before accepting the money

AIG need to get themselves focus on keeping their heads above water if they are going to survive the recession.

Question: Do you think the executives of AIG deserve these bonuses and what have the done to deserve it?

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Oprah’s advice to Chris Brown and Rihanna

Now Oprah is giving advice to Rihanna over her brawl with Chris Brown.  Ohrah’s advice is  “DO NOT TAKE HIM BACK BECAUSE HE WILL DO IT AGAIN”. Whether or not Rihanna will take Oprah’s word of caution it’s left to be seen. Rumors has it that she is back with her abuser which is not surprising as stats has it that many abuse victims always end up going back to their abusers. It also states that every 15 seconds an assult takes place and there are 4 homicides a day in America. There must be some way we can stop the abuse  that’s taking place in the US.

Read up on Chris and Rihanna’s business

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Micheal Phelps needs a break

Can we leave Micheal Phelps alone. He made a mistake and have apoligized, what do they want his head on a platter? Okay so he as lost a big endorsement over $100 million and is suspended from swimming, isn’t that enough for a simple thing as smoking pot. He’s definitely not the only person in the public’s eye to smoke pot, what about Mayor Bloomberg and all the got caught wiyh more than that. Smoking pot doesn’t make him a bad person.

Now Micheal may not even want to compete in the 2012 olympics because  of all this unnecessary hype.

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President Obama serious about stimulus bill

it was avery intersting speech today for President Obama regarding the stimulus bill. He is serious about getting the bill pass and get the plan for rebuilding the country on track. He needs 60-63 votes in senate  and he has challenged the Republicans, but he should not forget the Democrats as he is challenging, he needs to keep then on his side in order for this bill to go through.  A lot of people knew he would meet opposition about this bill. The stakes are high for President Obama and his party, he needs to have this stimulus bill pass  on Friday morning.

I am glad that this president is taking the country in a new direction and off the course of destruction.

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Great Job Pittsburg!!

I hate to admit it but Pittsburg played a great game, they don’t call them the Steelers for nothingnfl1. Cardinals had the game but gave it away with 49 seconds to go. Couldn’t they have banned together and keep Pittsburg away from the end zone. The Cardinals were the underdogs that deserved to win, after playing an awesome season that’s the only prize they are deserving of. But they didn ‘t quite get there and anyway you take it a win is a win. So, my hat off to Pittsburg.

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How to keep fear out and maintain you sanity in the recession

With all that’s going on in our society people are pulling their hair out. The  stress can be over whelming and causes pain and conflict in the home.

Read how to survive with your sanity intact.

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Where did all the jobs go?

Have you wondered lately where have all the jobs gone from this side of the world? Well it’s been bothering me lately after having called certain companies in North America and their customer service is located in another non English speaking country. Many of these companies operates right here in the US and Canada. So, why are they taking the jobs from us and yet we are supporting them while they pay some unknown citizen of another country to do what we know how to do best. How disloyal these companies are to Americans and Canadians.
And people wonder why we are in such depression, why there are no jobs available in our countries and can how can we get out of the hell hole we are in with no jobs.
Yes President  elect Obama Barack say ‘change is coming’ but, he is no miracle worker. There is only so much he can do without the help of these large co-operations. Delta Airlines and United Airways have their baggage offices in the Philippines and in India, Toronto Dominion Bank in Canada has got their customer service offices in India and Dell computers has their cms office in India also. Don’t they think Americans and Canadians could do with those jobs? We are the ones flying with them and we are banking with them…….how ridiculous.
Times are getting tougher as the recession sets in and these companies are not being patriotic so we have no obligation to support them, at some point we will have to get serious and let them know how we feel.

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President Bush attack with shoes

It was not a nice thing to happen to President Bush in Iraq, when he was assaulted with a pair of shoes. President Bush was on a mission agenda trip to the Middle East to visit the soliders, while having a press conference he was attacked by one of the attendee. A pair of shoes was thrown directly at the President while he was giving a speech. He called the President a dog and stated his action was remiscient of a farewell kiss.
Secret service quickly swarmed the man and immediately arrested him, however, the President was not hurt.
It does not matter the frustration of individuals they must show respect for him because he is the President of the United State.. What I would like to know is what punishment would be suitable for him?

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Want a new blog design?

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America wants to know ….now

What are we to expect in the coming months? The analysts are claiming that it will get worse before it gets better. That means a lot more job lost, rising food cost and  a lot more fore closures, not something Americans want to here about when they are shitting brick regarding losing their homes. America wants solutions, not excuses and not explanations. Right now we have a president that is not doing anything buy warming the benches till he gets out of the white house and go bar b queburger and on the other hand we have a president elect that cannot do anything because he  is not sworn in office as yet. He wants to start with with a clean slate so, he can implement his plan but, in the mean time the nation is skidding further down the mud pit.

So, with all that said what are we to do in the mean time, I think I’ll take up Kabbalah and eat organic greens,  if I can afford it.

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America will survive this recession

Yes, it’s finally been announced that the country has been experiencing a recession and has been for the last year. Well, that would have been surprising news if the entire American population were not aware of that. What did the think the collapsed of the mortgage industry was and the lost of millions of jobs? A celebration of the good ole’ times, I don’t think so.

There are many people out there that thinks  this recession is just a media  hype and and doesn’t exsist, those are the people that have their bread buttered on both sides and around the edges. Try and tell that to those that have lost their homes, pensions and health plan.

It is advisable to be prepared in case of job loss or any other dilemia that may emerge, it is suggested that a minimum of 6-9 months of expense money be put away. If it is impossible to come  up with that amount and you own and have equity in your home then, your best shot is to get a home equity loan. This recession is going to be a long and painful one just because more people are affected, for instance, the failed housing market. But, with all this Americans will stand firm and ride this storm out.

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Happy Thanksgiving to one and all





Let you mind encapsulate an idea on how to make money from home; think about , dream about it and become it.

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Homeowners need a bailout plan too!!

We seem to have forgotten the home owners and the main reason  this country is in the dire mess it’s in. When the mortgage industry went flop homeowner were left with shy rocketing mortgage   that ballooned out of control. There need to be some traction on this problem, 4% of  delinquent mortgages were taken pity on and is been written on a month to month basis. The remaining 96% were left to fend for themselves and eventually the lost their homes.

The bailout seem to have gone to every one except who it was truly for.

The 700 billion

250  Banks

  40  AIG

  60  left

 350  for congress to spend

The question is ‘what about the home owners’, these banks ans financial house are to be blame, convincing people that they could afford a bigger mortgage when on fact they could not. Didn’t they think one day the bottom would fall out of the bucket.

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The 3 big Auto Makers are crying!!

The big three auto makers are crying to Washington for help. They have allowed themselves to be backed in a corner with debt surrounding them. They have requested $25 billion in bridge loans to assist with their rescue plan in order to protect against a melt down in the auto industry. Congress seem to think this impending crisis is a self inflicted wound and mismanagement contributed to crisis in the industry.

Many are warning, if the auto industry fail then, million of job lost, health care and pensions would be affected. Unemployment would hit 10 percent in the nation if Detroit folds as they are the major employers in the industry.

The auto makers are hoping this $25 billion would come out of the 700 billions rescue fund. Not so if congress has anything to do with it.

My Opinion

Why not cut salary right across the board. I am sure the workers would rather take a pay cut than loose their jobs and pensions all together. The auto industry pays well above the nation’s other industry workers therefore, it would not be hard convincing the workers that a pay cut would be benefital.

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Pink slips for Citigroup employees

The giant Citigroup has come to an impass with their businesses, the crappy economy has caught up with them.

Citigroup revealed plans to cut 52,000 jobs by early next year in a dramatic effort to hold the number 2 position in the US of the largest banks. it is a move to try and maintain the stability of the company

The escalating debt loss and the sagging economy have led to this decision stated chief Vikram Panditan on  Monday.

This means that 15% of Citigroup work force will be affected and an addition 23,000 between January and September.

The crisis will be global, affecting jobs, business  lines , retailing and investment banks. In the last week Citigroup’s stocks and have been falling dramatically, the Dow Jones average fell 19 cents or 2 percent to $9.33 in the afternoon trading in New York and fell last week to single digits which was astonishing. With the employment rate risen to 7% there are more than 27 million  unemployed people in the nation  without any security.

Now is the time for people to start having a plan B for their lives and that of their families, don’t think things are going to get easy, it will definitely get worse before. Get into a homebase business that pays decent  and something that the economy need in a time like this. Stocking up on products will  not and will only leave you high and dry. You want a business that is vitually inventory free, room to grow and expand, the timing should be right ans the opportunity to write your own pay check.  This is not the time to sit around and wait for something great to land in your lap, the time  has arrive to seek and you

shall find.

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Where do we stand with oil, food and commodity

With the crisis enveloping the nation, the main areas being hit are energy, food and commodities. If something is not done to  alleviate the ungoing grave situation then, choas will erupt.

The energy crisis has been alted for the time being, but how long will this last until we have to come up with an alternative  plan? The talk is about corn ethonol which I don’t think is a creative idea. It takes enough corn to feed one person for a year and that same amount fill your car once. With the food shortage in some countries, it’s just not feasiable  to have something inplace like this. If food prices remain high  there will be dire consequences for people in countries like Africa.  The world cereal stock last last year came to  their lowest in 30 years. If this continues, thousand of people will be starving children will suffer from malnutrition with consequences all their lives. North America will not be far behind.

If the US was willing to go to war with Iraq over oil then, why not other countries over food.

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Concluding the Ayers Obama issue

William Ayers and Barack Obama was said to have a some what ambiguous past, was their relationship more than what the y claim it was? In a recent interview Ayers set the record straight on the issue of their past friendship,  he stated that the extent of the relationship was strictly professional  and that they worked on a board together, he reinforced that the issue was not worth exploring.

Voters apparently didn’t take the claim of Obama “paling around a terrorist” serious, it’s an issue in the campagne that didn’t seem significant. Just another day in the world of politics.

There are bigger fish to fry, with our country on the verge of doom we need to come up with stategies to overcome the ill effects of bad management. The energy problem, the price of food and the mortgage problem is what causing this crisis and until someone’s smart enough to put these on the top of the pile we will be sinking sand.

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Is Canada’s economy really booming as they say??

Canada has been  going strong in this global economic crisis and it’s great to hear the Canadian government is seeking to assist the financial industry with a plan, this is not being called a bailout but an asset swap. Nice choice of words if you ask me.

This extension of the program to purchase insured mortgages will further support the availability of credit, which will benefit Canadian households, businesses and the economy

Canadian banks has been ranked one of the soundest in the world and rightfully so, customers are charged left, right and center with astronomical fees at every turn, it’s now very expensive to have an  account in Canada. They are talking about banking innovation, sure it has brought us things like debit cards, electronic and telephone banking, but when you think about thing like Credit Default swaps, that is why we in the US are in the mess that we re in.

The mystery to the sound Canadian economy is their dollar, they have kept their dollar low in order to increase their exportation business. When you think of it 70% of all Canadian export comes to the  US, no wonder they had to drop the Canadian dollar so drastically. It all make sense since they are all in bed together.


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Just a little more speaking…..

When the American people created history on November 4, 2008 they changed how the world viewed us. America was always known as the land of opportunity, the land where the grass is greener on that side, well, now we have proven that truly you can accomplish anything here.
it’s going to be a long hard road to recovery but with a leader that’s determine to dig us out of the pit we have fallen into, there is definately hope. It’s not to be expected that we are out of the woods of an impending depression, it’s here upon us and it will be a long one , but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we will emerge victorious.

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The Pressure is on for Obama

With the new president elect choosing his senate the pressure is on for the right decision to run this country. President Barack Obama has a huge responsiblity since this country is in crisis and is looking for a healer. I hope people don’t have a false hope of the country recovering anytime soon, this is just the start iof the recession and a long recession it will be. Things take time to impliment and restructuring will be ove a period of time.

As the outgoing President give advice to the President elect we hope he doesn’t take all those advices too serious. It’s manditory the the President bring the President elect up to date of what’s been going on in the country behind the scene and what are the countries’ to secrets. However he should not be giving any sort of advice on running the country.

We are happy that we have a president elect that has authority, trust worthy and in tune with the peoples’ need. Lets see what he brings come January 2009.

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History was created

History was made tonight November 4, 2008 when Barack Obama was elected the 44 th president of the United State of America. It was a landslide victory, many people predicted he would win but no one knew the extent of his victory. It is the change America needs; it’s the change the world needs. The world needs to see America as a prosperous economy and not one struggling to find it’s footing, we have come too far and travel the hard ragged road for that.

When we hear about the centurion that went out to vote and the excitement she felt in having an African American on the card, she was so overwhelmed. Imagine the things she has seen, the struggle this country has been through, the struggle races had to go through and the struggle women had to go face. It must have felt like she was dreaming for she knpresidentew the struggles of our fore parents

If a dead man could talk or had power, all the slaves and pass freedom fighters would be celebrating in the streets. Oh, what would Martin King Luther jr 3rd say if he could have been here. He would have said “well done, the work was not in vain” 

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It’s voting Time

Tuesday November 4, 2008 is going to be a day like no other; it is the day America will vote in a new president. It is your God given right to vote, go out and cast your vote. You have absolutely no say if you give up that right.  The country is in a struggle and you need to put the right man in the oval office, your vote counts. Get out there and have a say in history. The polls open early and the lines will be long but, don’t   get frustrated it’s the right thing you are doing.

I don’t thing Barack Obama or John McCain will have a good night sleep, tonight must be the most anxious night of their lives. But I wish them lots of votes and may the better man win.

Election day,  Election day,  Election day,  Election day,  Election day

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The real Joe the plumber

Joe the maverickAren’t we tired of hearing about Joe Wurzebacher aka’Joe the plumber’ an Ohio man wanting to purchase a plumbing business? but, the funny thing,  Joe is not a  licensed plumber and he owes the government $1,200 in back taxes. I am sure when all this started he did not want to be know as Joe the plumber and with his personal affairs gone public.

Here is man that wants to succeed in feeding his family and paying the bills, brought out in public to state  his desire in making a better life but, will it be possible under Obama’s or McCain’s government. I have seen in the pass the promises made remain unfulfilled after an election.

Joe has gone on to command his own stage and is on news conferences,  he is now known throughout the United state. Will life return to normal for Joe Wurzebacher…..I think so but, he’ll definitely have some good rocking chair stories a to tell his grandkids of Ole Granddaddy Joe the plumber.


I love hearing from you the readers, please leave a comment!!

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Where the Candidates stand

It’s winding down to the end of a history making campaign where the choice of who we chose will have an adverse bearing on the future of this country. It’s been twenty one months of ups and down and promises but, who will the American people  believe and give the opportunity to prove themselves.


In his speech to Ohio, he stated “the stakes are too high for us to be divided, we need to come together as a country”. His speech was one of the best I have seen since the campaign started, he delivered to the people. Obama spoke of hope for the future of the American people, he stated”hope kept our grandparents going when  times were tough, we should work together for a better future”. Barack Obama will definitely bring about a change that we need in order to resurrect the economy.


Being called a ‘diva’ because you are looking out for yourself is rather childish. Sarah Palin has come under attack since the day it was announced she was the running mate for McCain. Firstly, they did not introduced her to the American people in the right manner , she was basically thrown to the wolves for feeding. Secondly, people underestimate her and the things she can get done. What I must agree with is the need for her to be educated more on the running of the country and the different policies.


There is no doubt that John McCain loves his country and will literally do anything for it’s survival. He has serve  this country since he was seventeen so, we know where his loyalty lies. In the McCain camp there seem to be much bickering regarding Palin, they need to be focus on Obama and him slowly inching away and to stop the infighting.


Biden seems to be sitting off to corner doing his own thing, we don’t hear too much regarding his affairs or what he has to say.

The candidates are giving their all on these last days, hoping  to convince voters they are the right choice for President.

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Politics getting the better of us

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 Is politics getting the better of us? This has been one of the most earth defining moments I have personally known. The country has taken a  beaten and is right on on it’s face, a vice president hopeful is caught up in  a scandal involving a trooper and wrongful dismissal, and a black man is running for president. How much more defining can we get? This is where the true spots on Americans will emerge because  lepoards cannot change their spots.

Will the back and forth name calling continue? Well, apparently not; the republicans have called  a truce on the attacks, but does not seem to be doing anything regarding the public display of toxic language at the party rallies. Examples need to be set in order for a decent rally to take place.

The democrats on the other hand need to speak up about pass activities with unscrupulous people and not have the public surprise at these discoveries.

What we need  to do is join hands to build a strong hold call America, put away the childish display of racsim and decide on a strategy to dig ourselves out of the feces we are in.

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